I offer Boudoir photography for women ages 21 and over. I know these types of sessions can seem very nerve-wracking, but most of my previous clients will agree when I say we truly have a lot of fun throughout the session, and there’s just something empowering about baring some, or all, in a classy and timeless way in front of the camera. Each boudoir session is personalized to fit the comfort zone of each client, and I’ll help you decide on a wardrobe and poses that are the most flattering for you. There is nothing more rewarding in my job than making my clients feel confident and sexy when they see their photos!

“I recently did a boudoir photo session with Jocelyn Cahill Photography. I am a little overweight, so I was very reluctant to book. However, I wanted to give it a shot, as I wanted to give these photos to my husband for Valentines Day. I am so glad I did! As I put my outfit on and walked into the room, I was super nervous and self-conscious, but it didn’t last long. Jocelyn made me feel so comfortable, even showing me images in between so I could get a feel for what she was photographing. The whole session went great. When the photos were sent back to me, I was amazed. They turned out fabulous. I actually feel beautiful in them and I can’t wait for my husband to see them! Thank you so much Jocelyn!”   -Sara

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  1. Amanda says:

    How much do you charge for boudoir photos? I am also searching for a wedding and engagement photographer.
    Thanks Amanda

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